Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Robert Nkemdiche DE Ole MIss

A Tennessee Volunteers fan released a picture of Ole Miss defensive lineman Robert Nkemdiche hitting a bong sent via snapchat to one of his friends the other day, and it just so happens to be the week that the Vols play Ole Miss. Perfect timing.

Of course, it was probably just tobacco. That's what they say at the head shops, right? And he had to have taken drug tests so you know it just could not have been marijuana in that smoking device. He'll just fuck around and win a dozen gold medals like the last leaked bong hit picture.

Here's what Ole Miss' head coach Hugh Freeze had to say about the bong hit picture:
I'm very aware of the picture and also when it was taken and where it was taken, We test our entire team on our drug-testing policy at the beginning of the season and then we have our follow-up tests throughout the course of the year. I'm super confident we handled each one the same and we enforce our policy very consistently."
So that's that. Probably the end of this story, but you know this is likely not the last time we see a fan do this. Or poison some Oak Trees. Oh SEC, you're crazy.

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