Thursday, August 28, 2014

Josh Gordon WR Cleveland Browns

Josh Gordon is probably feeling pretty in the dumps this week. He lost his appeal on his semi-bogus drug test that was just barely (in the most literal sense) over the NFL legal limit. I say NFL legal limit cause it's much tougher than the Olympics, my job, etc. Let's not get into this argument that has been beaten to death. Or beaten unconscious and dragged out of an elevator. But I digress.

Gordon may not be able to practice and be with his teammates. But he will always have porn starts that will have his back. Or Front. Porn star/Escort/Connoisseur of Daddy Issues Jenna Shea posted this photo of Josh Gordon on instagram letting him know - Hey, you can always have this... For a price.

This lady posts her rates on her website, which, Jesus -- is that even legal? Like here's how much you can rent me for, do what you wish. Probably similar to selling bongs that are for tobacco only. Considering his 70 clean tests - he probably just cuddled and talked about his problems and the fact that Brian Hoyer is his QB. Then again, her twitter bio does say that she is a, quote, PRO CUDDLER.

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