Monday, July 7, 2014

Johnny Manziel QB Cleveland Browns

There has been plenty of uproar about this picture since it was posted yesterday, and dear lord I do not see why. Maybe Johnny Football is rolling it up to play a clever joke on the bathroom attendant with the tip. Maybe he's stuffing it in his sock so he ensures that he has cab money for the ride home. Maybe he's just starting his money roll to make it look like he has an old timey money phone. Or he was rolling it up for easy insertion for tipping a stripper.

Nope, everyones going to run with it and say he's doing blow in the club bathroom. Who knows. The man literally has every move he makes photographed. Not that I mind in particular, but he's bound to snap eventually. Wake me up when someone has a picture of him snorting black tar heroin out of a strippers booty hole.

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