Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Rob Gronkowski TE New England Patriots

TMZ Sports, the hard hitting front of the line sports news outlet, has what looks like flip phone video of Rob Gronkowski calling a dancing asian man Leslie Chow of Hangover and Miller Lite commercial fame, and some other bad joke about fried rice. Afterwards, theres a warning about how they signed a waiver to hand over there phones. Gronkowski, however, states that he's given up on that. 

Now I know that Gronkowski pictures have been hard to come by because he's become more secretive of his party nature getting out to the public, after some recent backlash. So much so that he apparently turned down $1,000 for a photo opportunity last weekend while at the marquee last weekend.

Then again... When you have people snapping pictures of Gronkowski leaving club bathrooms, I'd probably try to simmer it down too. 

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