Friday, September 20, 2013

Aldon Smith OLB San Francisco 49er's

Aldon Smith was determined to be the driver of a single car accident that occurred at around 7 in the morning. He was arrested for suspicion of DUI. No further details have emerged.

Smith was recently named in a lawsuit with former teammate Delanie Walker for firing guns during a party, and was once rumored to have gotten jumped at a party, and stabbed at a party, may be facing league discipline.

According to Tom Pellissero, Aldon Smith has 23 sacks, 2 DUI arrests, 2 lawsuits against him and multiple stab wounds in 20 months. I guess he forgot the partridge in a pear tree.

Possible Update: According to @JRyanClayton, who was working in the Evergreen area, Aldon hit a tree with his car and the car was on fire, Smith was allegedly found passed out behind the wheel. All hear say at the time.

Update: Aldon Smith was at Noble with numerous Raiders and 49ers - including Anquan Boldin and Jacoby Ford.

Hilarious Update: Well. He may have been drunk last night.

Update: Here is a picture from the scene of the accident. According to Robert Handa of KTVU Smith went to the door of the residence for help. Homeowner stated he looked asleep. Wheels allegedly kept turning as he sat in the car. Allegedly stayed in car with engine running until police arrived.

Update: Aldon Smith registered a .15, and police allegedly found pills and marjiuana in the vehicle - marijuana that Smith apparently has a presciption for.

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