Saturday, July 6, 2013

Colin Kaepernick QB San Francisco 49ers

Apparently out of no where came a lot of fuss about 49er's QB Colin Kaepernick wearing a Miami Dolphins hat partying. I guess I don't get it. Ones in the AFC and ones in the NFC, it's not like they are exactly rivals.

However I can see the business aspect of it. If you worked Coors Light and wanted to enjoy the finer things in life and drink a good beer, a.k.a. Natty Light - maybe your bosses wouldn't be too keen on it. Or if you worked at McDonalds and got caught rocking a Burger King crown to the club maybe you'd get fired.

Now with bonus shitty instagram video with about a second of Kaepernick in the hat while the N bomb gets dropped like it was hot.

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