Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Ahmad Brooks LB San Francisco 49er's

Ahmad Brooks had to leave college and enter the supplementary draft after multiple off the field incidents including a drug charge in 2003 which was later dismissed.

On June 8th Ahmad Brooks and 49ers teammate Lamar Divens got into an argument over car keys outside of Brooks' residence. The argument escalated and Brooks allegedly hit the nose tackle in the head with a beer bottle multiple times and then punched him in the face requiring stitches. According to documents Brooks also threatened to go inside his home and grab a gun. Police described Brooks as 'very drunk' and Divens showed no signs of intoxication as he was driving that night. The two had been drinking with teammates Lawrence Okoye and Mike Purcell.

In 2008 Brooks was also charged with assault after allegedly punching a woman in the face while with the Cincinnati Bengals, which will open him up to NFL suspension.

Brooks signed a 6 year extension last season worth $44.5 million dollars and $17.5 million guaranteed.

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