Thursday, June 20, 2013

Aaron Hernandez TE New England Patriots

When it was first reported on Tuesday, Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez was simply wanted for questioning in a murder of an 'associate' that took place near his home, mainly because a SUV (not a white bronco) that was rented by Hernandez was believed to be used in the homicide. At that time it was reported that Hernandez was not a suspect but was being uncooperative with police. In the next day, things started looking a lot worse for Hernandez.

Police spent 'hours' searching Hernandez home and emerged with a box. Hernandez reportedly lawyered up (Bob Loblaw! After all, why should you go to jail for a crime somebody else noticed?) and an unnamed source stated that Hernandez wasn't being ruled out as a suspect.

Then shit got weird again, TMZ reported that Hernandez was sued for allegedly shooting a man in the face after an incident at a strip club. The suit was dropped 4 days after it was filed, apparently due to a paperwork error, but it was refiled again yesterday.

Today evidence took another turn for the worse for Hernandez, as evidence showed that he was in the vehicle with the victim with two other passengers when they left the bar, and only three returned.

Then of course in this trainwreck of a day, all the shit hit the fan for Hernandez.

First it was reported hearing that Hernandez would be arrested, then another source came out and said that that was false, then two more came out stating that he would likely be arrested.

News reporters decided to make a mockery of the situation, reminiscing of OJ in 94 - following a white SUV, the day of Game 7 NBA finals, and fans waiving as he drives by.

Man couldn't even get gas without being hounded by reporters.

News came to light regarding possible gang ties and altercations in the past which may have led to other lawsuits and reasons why he may have fallen in the draft.

Police then apparently got another warrant to search his home, due to the fact he destroyed his home surveillance system, handed his phone to authority in pieces, and had a full scrub cleaning service at his house Monday. What a terrible week to have all your electronics break mysteriously.

That's it for the time being. There will obviously be more to come.

Update: Aaron Hernandez has finally, and officially, been arrested and charged with murder as well as other gun related crimes.

The evidence is pretty fucking ridiculous against Hernandez at the moment, and he probably could write a book on "How To Not Get Away With Murder." Hernandez might as well have wiped his fingerprints off the gun with his own bare hand.

Hernandez was seen on tape driving to the crime scene at 3:23, workers heard gunshots in the area between 3:23 and 3:27, and then Hernandez was seen by his own surveillance returning to his house at 3:29. Not only that but they found a fucking shell casing in the rental car he returned to Enterprise, next to a piece of his chewed gum. For a complete run down of the arraignment, read here.

Most haunting to me, was the Victims last contact with his sister was telling her that he was with "NFL... Just so you know." minutes before he was gunned down.

The police have yet to find the murder weapon, a .45 caliber gun, but TMZ did find a picture of a younger Aaron Hernandez posing with a gun with absolutely no trigger discipline while in college.

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