Monday, April 8, 2013

Top Four Drunk Moments During The 2012 Football Season

With somewhat of a lull in the action before the draft and training camps begin to heat up, now is a great time to take a look at the best of the best around in 2012.

Desmond Bryant might not be as well known as the similarly named Dez Bryant of the Dallas Cowboys, but he certainly knows how to make a name for himself off the field. The defensive lineman was arrested for criminal mischief, which was revealed later as him entering his neighbor’s house by being intoxicated. That helped produce his hilarious mug shot.

 Matt Schaub mostly flies under the radar, but he had some of the most hilarious drunk action photos of the year in January. He fits in nicely as the drunk, creepy guy you might find at any college campus.

 Johnny Manziel stole the show at the college level this season, taking home the Heisman Trophy while leading Texas A&M. It became apparent rather early that Manziel is quite the partier as well, despite being under 21 years of age. His appearance at a nightclub right after the season showcases that quite a bit.

 Rob Gronkowski never disappoints, and he has to team up with Manziel as the MVP for for the 2012 football season. While there are quite a few options to go with, this post pretty much sums up the coverage in a nutshell. As any fantasy football owners will be aware, Gronk was caught partying several times this season, but he really let loose after the Patriots were eliminated.

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