Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Quentin Groves LB Cleveland Browns

Quentin Groves was a former second round pick out of Auburn by the Jacksonville Jaguars, and like many Jacksonville Jaguars draft picks he wasn't too good. He's hopped around the league going to other NFL powerhouses the Oakland Raiders, Arizona Cardinals and now this offseason the Cleveland Browns. Now though, we found out some things we didn't particularly need to know about him.

Groves responded to a 'full service' ad while at mini camp with the Browns, and over the phone agreed to $100 for an hour and an extra $20 for anal. The person over the phone wasn't a prostitute but a cop. Police arrested him with around $200 and a box of Magnum condoms along with 14 other people arrested in the sting. Groves twitter is now locked, but apparently it stated before that he was married with 2 children.

Groves probably needs to learn a thing or two about Cleveland. The first is that if the prostitute is good looking, she probably is a cop.

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