Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Joe Powell CB Oklahoma

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images North America

Oklahoma Wide Receiver Jalen Saunders and Cornerback Cortez Johnson were arrested on marijuana charges a week ago, but CB Joe Powell (#3 above) one upped them on October 8th.

Senior Joe Powell was arrested on felony possession of marijuana with intent to distribute charges following getting a package of 4 pounds of "high grade" marijuana delivered to his friends house from California. Powell allegedly had a friend go pick it up, and the package was disguised as shoes. When police caught up with Powell he admitted that it contained marijuana, but said he was just holding it for a friend who would in turn give him a "little money or marijuana" to give to the girls who delivered the package. He then took police to where the package was hidden in between a bush and an air conditioning unit.

Powell was charged on October 18th, and is due in court on December 18th. Powell started out his Sooners career at WR before making the switch and suffering an injury last season.

Oklahoma faces Texas A&M and Heisman winner Johnny Manziel in the Cotton Bowl.

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