Thursday, December 6, 2012

Darnell Dockett DL Arizona Cardinals

There was talk earlier this week of Arizona Cardinals defensive lineman Darnell Dockett facing some sort of disciplinary action following an incident this past Sunday, but due to some recent actions by Dockett that may not be the case, and the spreads are saved.

The incident that happened was when the Cardinals were down late in the 4th quarter to the New York Jets 7 - 6, with the Jets driving. Cardinals defenders had planned to let the Jets score a touchdown to put them up 14 - 6 which would have given the Cardinals at least an opportunity to drive the field and force overtime. At that point Sanchez had already been benched so maybe with McElroy they had more of a chance. However, Dockett wasn't having it.

Eventually safety Kerry Rhodes tried to get Dockett on board with the idea, but Dockett continued to resist and eventually -- allegedly -- spit in Rhodes face. He took to twitter after news broke of an on-field incident, claiming himself the "escape goat."

Dockett has since apologized to Rhodes, half-heartedly;

It was a situation we totally didn’t agree on, I look at Kerry as one of my brothers.”

and stated this about the incident:

It was something I don’t believe in. I didn’t understand, I am never, never going to lay down and quit. I’ve been playing football for over 20 years. I’ve given this organization, I’ve given Florida State, I’ve given my high school everything I’ve got. I play with passion and I’ll never quit. I play it to the whistle and I play it until the clock reaches zero.
Darnell Dockett is a 3 time Pro Bowler, and former third round selection in the 2004 draft out of Florida State by the Arizona Cardinals. Over his career he has 36 sacks, 4 interceptions, and 7 forced fumbles. He made the Pro Bowl in 2007, 2009 and 2010. Now in his age 31 season he has seen a downfall in production, accounting for just 1.5 sacks in 11 games started. In 2010 he signed a 4 year contract extension worth $48 million with $30 million guaranteed, and his salary for this season is $3.4 million dollars. With a combined 2.5 spits and sacks, $3.4 million seems like a hefty amount for the defensive end.

And with those statements, hopefully spit-gate is finally over. So lets enjoy some pictures of Darnell Dockett getting drunk, because isn't that the real reason you're here.

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