Thursday, November 29, 2012

Milton Jennings F Clemson

Clemson has suspended forward, and leading scorer, Milton Jennings from their squad following an incident that occurred early yesterday morning.

Police were called to Jennings' apartment complex after a complaint that someone had removed the smoke detector from the building. When police arrived they noticed a smell of marijuana coming from Jennings' apartment. Jennings admitted to police that he had smoked marijuana, and police ended up finding .5 grams of marijuana in his apartment. Jennings was ultimately charged with simple possession of marijuana.

This is Jennings 3rd suspension in the past 13 months. He was suspended last December and January for different circumstances. The first being for an argument with the coach, and the second being academic related.

Jennings is averaging 10.8 points a game this season.

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  1. Caught with a half gram of weed? Jesus, looks like we have a serious drug user on our hands! Better lock him up so we can "rehabilitate" him.