Thursday, October 25, 2012

Tyrann Mathieu S Ex-LSU

That sound you hear? That's the sound of NFL general managers and scouts running away, and an ex-First Team All American's NFL dreams going out the window.

Former LSU safety Tyrann Mathieu was kicked off of the Tigers squad following multiple positive tests for synthetic marijuana. He apparently thought he could beat the test by going to real marijuana, but that of course isn't the case.

Police were called to an apartment complex when they were called about a man attempting to enter through a security gate. The man was confronted and words were allegedly exchanged and the man was let into the complex before police arrived. Police went to the apartment where the man entered and knocked, and Tyrann Mathieu answered. Police smelled marijuana and got consent to enter the building and search. Inside were multiple other men, including former LSU QB Jordan Jefferson who was the man that was trying to get in the security gate. The other people inside were former LSU players Karnell Hatcher and Derrick Bryant.

Police ended up finding a marijuana grinder, digital scale and 10 bags marijuana. 7 of the bags were in possession of Derrick Bryant.

Mathieu and Jefferson were both charged with possession of marijuana, Hatcher was charged with 2nd offense possession of marijuana, and Bryant was charged with possession with intent to sell marijuana.

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