Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Trip Thurman OL Florida

Florida Gators offensive lineman Trip Thurman, whose real name is Frederick Thurman III, was busted on two separate alcohol related charges in the past few months, which are coming to the news now because of the most recent one.

Originally Thurman was charged with a third degree felony possession of a forged drivers license when he was pulled over and police noted that he had a fake I.D. on him. Thurman admitted to the officer that the I.D. was fake and that he used it to get into night clubs. He got the charged dropped to a misdemeanor and it would have been dropped from his record had he not been found in violation of any ordinance in 4 months.

Fast forward 2 days after the agreement.

On September 27th, Thurman was noticed by police to attempt to discard a beer while at a country music concert on campus. Thurman placed a half gone PBR by his feet, and police noted that his hands had black X's on them to show that he was under the age of 21. Now Thurman will be re-facing the misdemeanor possession of fake I.D.

Thurman, a former 4 star recruit has appeared in 3 games this season after taking his redshirt last season because of a shoulder surgery. z

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