Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Rob Gronkowski TE New England Patriots

Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski had an interview with Dan Patrick on the Dan Patrick Show today, and I can't help but think that the man is a liar now. To the questions:
Dan: How long would I last if I hung out with you and your brother for the weekend 
Rob: Probably an hour. [Laughs] 
Dan: But what would we do if I am hanging out with the Gronkowski’s?
Rob: Whatever, good times. If it’s the offseason? Just kick it and play some backyardsports. Definitely some basketball in the backyard. Get a workout in, a little running, and just chill.
Dan: When would we start crushing beers though?
Rob:  Not sure. I don’t do those things.
Dan: You don't crush beers?
Rob: No.
Dan: OK, I will. What other brothers would join me?
Rob: Call them up and ask them.

Now maybe that's true or maybe it's not. Maybe he just casually sipped that beer bong, you know, for the taste. Maybe he's not a 'beer chugger' but more of a 'vodka redbull pounder.' What do I know, let's ask twitter!

[Interview from SportsRadioInterviews]

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