Sunday, October 7, 2012

Micah Hyde CB, Ryan Hamilton TE, Drew Clark OL Iowa

Apparently the week off for the Iowa Hawkeyes meant little other than to "get drunk and get overly rowdy" over this weekend, as three Hawkeyes were arrested in seperate incidents in downtown Iowa City.

Senior cornerback Micah Hyde (above) was arrested after police came to the bars following an incident. When the police arrived and asked staff who was involved, Hyde was a part of the group. Police attempted to stop Hyde and his group yelling stop and turning on their lights but they ignored it and took off. Police caught Hyde roughly 2 blocks later, and noted that he showed 6 of 6 signs of impairment and refused a breathalyzer. Last years second team All-Big 10 admitted to have "a shot, a bud light, and a vodka/sprite" while downtown. He was ultimately charged with interference with official acts and public intoxication.

Sophomore tight end Ryan Hamilton had a much more tamer charge of 'presence on premise after hours' after being under 21 in a bar.

Junior offensive lineman Drew Clark was also charged with public intoxication. No details regarding his arrest have been released.

Hyde led the Big 10 in pass deflections last season, and the senior has 2 pass defenses on the season with no interceptions. Clark has not played this season and doesn't appear on the 2 deep, and Hamilton just caught his first reception of the season last week.

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