Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Carlton Fisk C Ex-Boston Red Sox

Hall of Fame catcher Carlton Fisk was never Mr. 3000 in his 24 year career with the Boston Red Sox and the Chicago White Sox, but for at least one night we can call him Mr. .3000.

Fisk was allegedly arrested for DUI last night in Illinois according to TMZ, but that's not the fun part. The fun part was he was apparently in his truck sleeping in a corn field at the time of the arrest at around 7:20 in the afternoon. On a Sunday. With an open bottle of Vodka in the car. That's taking Sunday Funday a little too far.

Fisk was elected into the Hall of Fame in 2000 after a career with over 2300 hits and over 1300 RBI's. While with the Chicago White Sox, Fisk was ordered to be searched for beer by the manager before coming into the club house in 1987.

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