Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Bryant McKinnie OT Baltimore Ravens

Baltimore Ravens offensive tackle Bryant McKinnie had enough problems losing weight this offseason, he doesn't need anymore money problems. Having already lost a cool $1,000,000 to a paycut, he now faces a lawsuit for allegedly not paying his tabs at Miami strip clubs.

Rapper Trick Daddy's actual Daddy Charles 'Pop' Young alleges that McKinnie never paid up on $375,000 worth of bills, and that McKinnie actually signed a promissory note saying he would pay the money due back.

McKinnie spoke to the Baltimore Sun in a phone interview, and said the following regarding the lawsuit:

"I got no papers, I was never served, I just called my lawyer about this because this is a bogus story. I just read the article. He was working at those places and he's tried to borrow money from me. People can put anything out there. What strip club gives you a $375,000 tab? It just sounds stupid to me. I've never heard of this in my life. This is bogus to me. For it to be even reported is stupid to me."

This actually makes too much sense to have come from Bryant McKinnie, what kind of idiot would allow any man, millionaire or not, to run up a $375,000 tab at a strip club? Apparently the father of one Trick Daddy.

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