Sunday, October 14, 2012

Alameda Ta’amu NT Pittsburgh Steelers

At least his hands are at 10 and 2

The Steelers got beat by the Tennessee Titans on Thursday Night Football, so they got the weekend off to go out and drown their sorrows. Rookie nose tackle Alameda Ta’amu took it a little too far though. Fuck it, he took it way too far.

Police initiated a stop of Ta'amu's SUV at around 2:30 in the morning after being seen driving in a reckless manner. Instead of stopping Ta'amu fled and a officer told him to stop his vehicle, but Ta'amu instead swerved at the officer in an attempt to run him over. Police had their guns drawn on him while he drove at them but did not fire because of all the pedestrians in the area.

A police chase ensued and Ta'amu hit 4 cars, sending a woman that occupied one of the vehicles to the hospital. He then took another turn before hitting another car totaling both of them. Ta'amu took off his shirt and sprinted away, but police caught the 340+ pound man. Police thought he was reaching in his waistband so they punched him in the face before finally arresting him. Ta'amu registered a .196 BAC following his arrest.

Ta'amu was charged with 15 crimes including felony fleeing, felony DUI, and three counts of felony aggravated assault.

The 4th round pick has yet to play in a game this season. Pictures of his car and the last one he hit below.


  1. I know the dude personally and hes not that type of guy(wreckless) Hes never been in trouble prior to this and wont make the same mistake again.. We all fuck up every now and again and alcohol sometimes gets the best of us..#liveAndLearn..

  2. Things happen for a reason. Don't go judging and saying that he is this and that because no one really knows who he is. From experience of knowing him I can say this was just bad luck. He has a great heart and is really family oriented. Just know Meda that your family is behind you every step of the way.