Monday, September 24, 2012

Nicholas Weiler P UNC

North Carolina punter Nicholas Weiler, only 18 years old, had maybe a little too much to drink this past weekend -- especially considering the fact he's only 18 and should probably keep his fucking composure when downtown. Now, he has been suspended indefinitely by the Tar Heels.

Now for being only 18, and for being a god damn punter, he more than held his own in a weekend fight. Early Sunday morning police were responding to a fight between Weiler and two men in a parking lot. Weiler allegedly punched out one mans teeth, and gave the other man a black eye before taking off. He was arrested at 3:30 A.M. on charges of simple assault, felony assault inflicting injury, possession of fake I.D., and underage in possession of alcohol.

Weiler hasn't played for UNC this year, and it sounds with this suspension that he most likely won't.

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