Saturday, August 11, 2012

Sam Hurd WR Ex-Chicago Bears

By now you have all heard about former NFL wide receiver Sam Hurd and his cocaine operation, in which a list of dozens of NFL players as clients were supposed to come out but never actually did. Hurd is once again wanted by the law, accused of violating his parole.

Hurd is out on a $100,000 bond, awaiting his October trial. He submitted a urine test to officials and it tested positive for marijuana. A warrant was issued for Hurd's arrest for violating his parole.

Hurd is accused of running a massive drug operation in Chicago, himself stating that he moved 4 kilograms of cocaine a week.

Update: Hurd did more than just test positive for marijuana apparently. In addition to that, Hurd allegedly purchased 30 pounds of marijuana while on bail, then tried to buy 200 pounds more. He also tried to buy 5 kilograms of cocaine.

That literally might be the worst time to try and continue your drug selling operation.

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  1. He violated his bond, not parole.