Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Dwayne Beckford LB Purdue

Purdue's leading tackler returning to the field this year has been suspended once again, in what is his 4th arrest since June 2011.

Dwayne Beckford was charged with possession of paraphernalia (a class D felony due to prior conviction) and possession of a synthetic drug. Prosecuters have already filed to revoke his propation on an apparently still open case of possession of marijuana. He could also have his probation from a DUI charge revoked as well. Update: the synthetic drug was bath salts. Even after the Miami eating face spree.

In June 2011, the beginning of his mini crime spree, he was charged with failure to stop after an accident after being involved in a hit and run. When police went to arrest him, they smelled marijuana in his residence and found drug paraphernalia leading to the charge which caused his newest one to be a felony.

Next, in December 2011 he was arrested for operating while intoxicated. After searching his car in impound, they found marijuana which led to the still open case of possession of marijuana.

Beckford has since been suspended indefinitely until more information has come out in this case. He was not included on the newly released roster.

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