Friday, August 10, 2012

Christian Littlehead DL Oklahoma State

Oklahoma State defensive tackle Christian Littlehead has been in trouble with the law numerous times over the past year, in May he was arrested for public intoxication, and in December after a search police found drug paraphernalia at his place. Now, Littlehead is in trouble with the law yet again, for unquestionable a far more stupid incident.

A warrant has been issued for Littlehead after a polce report was filed in March. While at a party a female claimed that Littlehead was cheating at beer pong (no elbows, asshole), and the only reasonable reaction to that was to obviously punch her in the face - which the police report alleges Littlehead did. The police report claims that she fell and scraped her hands and knees, while other partygoers stepped in and seperated them. Littlehead then left the party.

The reserve lineman/douchebag started 4 games last season and registered 16 tackles, and one sack. Which is very surprising to me, I figured a man who would punch a girl over beer pong wouldn't have a sack at all.

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