Monday, July 2, 2012

Patrick Bade OL Purdue

In 2011 Patrick Bade made the switch to the Boilermakers football team after playing two season on the basketball team. Then at the start of this years practice, head coach Danny Hope switched his positions form tight end to offensive tackle. Additionally, at least for one night this offseason, Bade switched his Purdue jersey for a jail given jumpsuit.

Bade was arrested on Saturday night after a scuffle with a bar bouncer. Bade was trying to gain entrance into the bar at 2:50 A.M. -- however the bar rules state bouncers aren't allowed to let people in after 2:45 A.M. since the bar closes at 3:00A.M. After being shut down by the bouncer, Bade shoved his way in. After the scuffle, the window to the front door of the bar had been shattered. Bade was arrested and sat in jail the required 12 hours for public intoxication.

As a freshman and sophomore Bade made 4 total starts on the hardwood.

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