Monday, July 16, 2012

Marshawn Lynch RB Seattle Seahawks

Like newly signed running backs Matt Forte and Ray Rice, Seattle Seahawks Marshawn Lynch received a contract extension in 2011 prior to the beginning of the season. Unlike Forte and Rice though -- he has an history of off the field problems, which he added to this weekend.

Over the weekend Beast Mode was pulled over in Oakland on a traffic stop, and was taken to jail, cited, and released on charges of suspicion of driving under the influence at around 3:42 in the morning. Lynch was supposedly cooperative, and submitted a blood test under custody which registered above the legal limit of .08.

No further details regarding the arrest have been released

Details Update: Lynch was seen driving a 2012 van (Maybe having a candy endorsement and driving a van is a poor idea) and weaving through traffic almost hitting 2 vehicles. Lynch then allegedly failed sobriety tests and was arrested due to his signs of intoxication. No details regarding his BAC have been released yet. Odds are he blew a 100% because, fuck it, beast mode.

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Allegedly intoxicated Marshawn Lynch strikes a pedestrian and drives away.
Police find marijuana in car Marshawn Lynch occupied, no charges were filed however. 

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