Sunday, July 15, 2012

Jason Kidd PG New York Knicks

Jason Kidd just signed with the New York Knicks days ago on a three year $9.5 million dollar deal, but his stay there is already off to a bad start.

Kidd was involved in a single car accident near his Hamptons residence when he allegedly hit a light pole and went into the woods this morning. Police responded to the crash at around 2 A.M. and Kidd was taken to the hospital with minor injuries and later released. He was ultimately charged with DWI.

Update: We have some pictures of Kidd drunk last night, and apparently he was extremely drunk. TMZ -- of course -- is all over the story, and learned this:
NBA star Jason Kidd appeared to be so drunk in the moments leading up to his DWI arrest ... that he had to be carried out of the club he spent the night partying at. 
TMZ has obtained a photo of the all-star point guard being carried out of a club called SL East. Multiple witness tell TMZ that Kidd appeared "incredibly drunk" -- so much so that at one point he tried to hang from a club light and broke it.
 According to the multiple witnesses, after being carried out by a few friends, Kidd got in his car to drive off ... despite protests from his friends. Kidd left the club around 1:00 AM and crashed his car less than an hour later.

[Photos from Black Sports Online]

Update: As per usual, the mugshot has been released:

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