Saturday, July 7, 2012

Adrian Peterson RB Minnesota Vikings

By now you've already heard about Adrian Peterson getting arrested in his offseason hometown of Houston, but now more details regarding the arrest have come to light.

Peterson, who was arrested for resisting arrest, did not initially listen to an off duty officer who was telling the club patrons to leave. When the off duty police officer asked him a second time, he allegedly yelled, "Hey man, were heard you the first time" and shoved the cop. The officer then told Peterson to put his hands behind his back to which Peterson started yelling at the officer, turned around, and got into an 'aggressive stance.'

According to TMZ, who spoke with the clubs manager, Peterson often comes there but never drinks too much, but last night he was 'wasted' and was a difficult customer. Then at bar time he allegedly went to the bar to try and order a drink, and tried to intimidate the bartender to giving him one.

TMZ also says that after he was subdued by the police he apologized for his behavior and told them that he doesn't usually drink.

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