Sunday, June 10, 2012

Rob Gronkowski TE New England Patriots

Patriots Rob Gronkowski is officially the highest paid tight end in NFL history, so he really didn't need 6/9 to go out and rage. Predictably though, no shirts were involved. However, he allegedly had a hard time keeping his drink in his cup, and not throwing it on other girls, as told by @theflea4L and @michtrei.

Update: I spoke (tweeted) with someone with knowledge of the situation, she stated that a friend had introduced the girl to Gronkowski, to which Rob allegedly looked her up and down and then proceeded to dump his Jack and Coke on her.

Update: Why not, more pictures of Gronk from last night:


  1. Could that dude be any cooler?

  2. He is da man!!!!

  3. I think the real story here is what was in the cup. Those girls should have been excited they were being ahem, offered, a top shelf whiskey and an all-American soda beverage simultaneously.