Monday, June 25, 2012

Jamal Anderson RB Ex-Atlanta Falcons

During his playing career Jamal Anderson was made famous doing the "Dirty Bird" on his way to helping the Atlanta Falcons to their first Super Bowl appearance. Off the field, Jamal Anderson has been known for snorting cocaine off of toilet, owing the IRS over $1 million in taxes,  and working for ESPN covering college football.

Now, another arrest adds to his post career problems. Anderson was pulled over by police for going to slow and impeding traffic. He was arrested at around 4:30 A.M. and later released. Further details regarding the arrest are currently unknown. Anderson's lawyer claims that he was 'tired' and not 'drunk.'

Anderson is one of the numerous former NFL players suing the NFL due to concussion problems post career.

Update: Here is Anderson's mugshot from the night of the arrest

Update: Details have emerged from Anderson's arrest, and it looks like when his lawyer claimed he was tired he wasn't fucking around. Here are the details:

Police found Anderson passed out behind the wheel of his vehicle in the middle of road, and police tapped on his window numerous times in an attempt to wake him up -- which clearly didn't work. After blocking his car off so he didn't unexpectedly wake up and hit the gas, an officer climbed up on top of the car and reached through the sun roof putting the SUV in park and unlocking the drivers side door.

Officers then opened his vehicle and tapped Anderson's person several times which didn't wake him up. Anderson finally woke up after being put in handcuffs.

Officers stated that Anderson smelled strongly of alcohol, was stumbling, slurring his words, and had bloodshot eyes en route to failing a field sobriety test.

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