Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Aaron Berry CB Detroit Lions

The Lions have been doing everything they can to pump up former undrafted cornerback Aaron Berry as an answer at one of the starting positions. However, they have also been trying to deny that they have a discipline problem on the team -- and looks like they may be wrong on both, especially the second.

Berry, a Pitt graduate, was arrested and charged with DUI among other charges. Berry allegedly was driving when he hit some parked vehicles, and then he exited the vehicle and started to walk away from the scene of the accident. A witness followed him and called the police who arrested him around 4:45 A.M. Berry then was allegedly not complying with officers when they asked for information and refused to submit a test for blood alcohol content.

In addition to DUI, Berry was also charged with two counts of causing accidental damage to an unattended vehicle or property and two counts of failure to stop and give information to law enforcement.

Berry becomes the 6th arrest for the Lions this offseason, and the 4th player. Mikell LeShoure picked up two marijuana charges, Nick Fairley was busted for one marijuana charge and one DUI charge, and offensive lineman Johnny Culbreath was arrested on marijuana charges.

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