Monday, April 2, 2012

Mikell Leshoure RB Detroit Lions

Mikell Leshoure was drafted in the 2nd round last year by the Detroit Lions, but never took a snap due to a torn achilles tendon. Somehow, he has already fumbled twice during his NFL Career without taking a single snap.

Leshoure was arrested twice in a month on marijuana charges, the first being when he was pulled over and found to be in possession of marijuana. No further details from the incident are known, but he plead guilty to a lesser charge and paid a fine. This incident happened February 18th, and was kept on the low pretty well. Until you get busted again.

On March 12, while a passenger in a vehicle, Leshoure was seen when police came up to the car trying to eat a bag of weed. Either he had some serious munchies, or watched Super Troopers a few too many times. Police ordered him to spit out the drugs, and he did.  His arraignment for that charge was supposed to be today, but he did not show up. Now he may face another charge of contempt of court.

Ryan Leaf was asked for a comment, and he was just surprised it took Leshoure three weeks to get charged again.

Is it any surprise he was a Bengals fan in high school?

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