Thursday, April 12, 2012

Mike Dyer RB Arkansas State

Former Auburn RB Mike Dyer, who led Auburn in rushing before getting kicked out, testified as trial opened up for the former Auburn football players that were arrested for an alleged armed robbery in March of 2011. On trial are former Auburn football players Antonio Goodwin, Dakota Mosley, Shaun Kitchens, and Michael McNeil. Dyer testified for that state, and talked about the drug and alcohol fueled night.

Dyer stated that on the night in question he met the defendents at a party, where they were drinking beer and smoking then legal synthetic weed called "spice." Dyer testified that they were discussing, "hitting a lick" - slang for robbery - and Mosley asked him for his gun, and Dyer said no, and that he didn't want to go along with the robbery.

He then allegedly walked home, and Goodwin came and got the gun. Former player Neiko Thorpe, a roommate of one of the defendents, claimed that they all looked very intoxicated and talked about a trailer.

Then DeAngelo Benton, who's house the party was originally at, testified that Goodwin was so intoxicated that he vomited all over his toilet the night of the robbery. In the police report Benton wrote that he saw three defendents pop an unknown pill that night, but he says he doesn't remember that.

Apparently a lot of the testimony was about the use of spice by the team, and Benton claimed that he bought it at the store, since it was legal, and it gave him hallucinations and he felt paranoid when he smoked it. Dyer also claimed that he smoked spice regularly, and that it was stronger than marijuana, saying, "With marijuana, you could be high and be OK, just hungry"

More details to come as they emerge.

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