Monday, April 30, 2012

Gabriel Weidenaar P Oklahoma State

Oklahoma State pitcher Kyle Ottoson was arrested and charged with DUI earlier this month, and now another Cowboys pitcher, Gabriel Weidenaar has also found himself in trouble. Just a little bit more trouble.

Weidenaar was arrested on a felony complaint of marijuana possession with intent to distribute, though has not been officially charged. The incident that led to the arrest was when $35,000 worth of marijuana was delivered to his house. Former Cowboys football player Jarrod Fields was also present, as well as another student, and were arrested on a complaint of just misdemeanor possession of marijuana.

 The police were tipped off of a suspicious package being sent from supposedly a WalMart in San Diego, though the package - addressed to fake names -- was sent from a different part of California. Each package contained 4 pounds of high grade marijuana.

 Weidenaar did not play in Oklahoma States series against Kansas State. Fields graduated and is no longer on the football team, and he participated in Oklahoma States Pro Day. Surprise, Surprise he didn't get drafted.

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