Monday, April 2, 2012

Carl Fleming LB Pitt

Pitt linebacker Carl Fleming, a redshirt Junior this upcoming season, had 6 tackles and an interception playing sparingly last season. He'll start this season out suspended following a weird incident and arrest that occurred last Friday.

Police approached Fleming's car because he didn't have registration on his plates, and when they did that Fleming tried to pull away. He allegedly attempted to strike a marked police car before hitting a guard rail. Then police noticed Fleming stuff a bag of marijuana in his mouth and try to swallow it. An officer got him out of the car and Fleming got punched in the side of the face forcing the bag of marijuana out. Fleming resisted arrest and tried getting away before ultimately getting arrested and charged with two counts of aggravated assault,resisting arrest, fleeing or eluding police, drug possession, tampering with evidence and other vehicle related charges.

He was suspended following the incident.

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  1. Actually, the police didn't approach him because he had no registration sticker on his plates. He had no license plates period. I know this because he lives in my apartment building and his car is parked in the tenant's lot