Monday, April 30, 2012

Caleb King RB Minnesota Vikings

The Minnesota Vikings are trying their best to stay in Minnesota and the last thing they need is a player getting arrested, especially after signing a now convicted felon to their squad in Jerome Simpson.

Then running back Caleb King decided to go and get arrested, for quite possibly the dumbest thing ever.

Here is the release from the sherifs office:
There was a birthday party at the location for a 21 year old female friend of King's, hosted by the female's parents. Both King and the alleged victim were invited guests. Allegedly, at around 0315 hrs, the victim teased King about his resemblance to a celebrity, which King took offense to. The victim went outside to wait in a vehicle for a ride home, when King followed him. King allegedly confronted the victim outside of that car and struck the victim in the face. The victim reports he got into the car and locked the passenger door. The victim called 911 on his cell phone; however, King allegedly opened the driver's side door and pulled the victim outside. The victim alleges that King struck him multiple times about the head and face with his fists and threw him, head first to the ground. The victim states that he was then assisted inside the house by the homeowners with the substantial set of injuries. The victim alleges that he asked the homeowners to call 911 as he needed emergency medical care, but the homeowners refused, stating they would drop him off at his home.

Now the victim possibly has brain damage to go along with his fractured skull. I can only imagine what celebrity he called him, but to cause that kind of damage I can only imagine it had to be Jaleel White


  1. I followed this story a little bit. The victim's mother said that the victim said that King looked like Eddie Murphy.