Thursday, March 15, 2012

Zach Randolph C Memphis Grizzlies

Zach Randolph is a one time All-Star center who has played for the Portland Trailblazers (who drafted him in the first round out of Michigan State), the New York Knicks, Los Angeles Clippers, and currently plays for the Memphis Grizzlies. So now that we got that covered, we can delve into the fantastic night he had on August 21st of 2011.

Police went to search Zach Randolph's million dollar home that was featured on MTV's Cribs after an alleged small drug deal went bad and led to the beating of the drug dealer. It all started when the drug dealer mentioned to Randolph that he grew weed and would be willing to sell some. That got him an invitation into Randoph's All White boat party that he was throwing for his "Hoops Family". At the party he offered Randolph a half ounce for $120, but Randolph wanted to pay $80-$100 for it. That's when the drug dealer allegedly said, "I'm like Zach, man, I'm just—you know, I'm trying to make a couple bucks too, man....And you know, you're supposed to really be helping me out, 'cause you—you above me right now, man. You know, you got millions of dollars. I don't—I don't have no money, man," as he told investigators.

Then, according to the drug dealer Beasley, Randolph took the bag of weed, told the man to leave and then got his "Hoops Family" to chase him and beat him up. He was apparently running away and swinging while 6 men kicked him and punched him, and one man hit him with a pool cue.

Then the next afternoon, police showed up at his residence. That's when shit got weird. Randolph was apparently in bed with a girl. The officer gave the two commands to show their hands. The female did so immediately, while Randolph didn't comply. After a couple more times of Randolph not complying, the officer pointed his gun at him. Then Randolph finally showed his hands and got up and started walking towards the officer who then noticed, quote, "I witnessed my eye line was below his chest. He appeared very muscular and athletic. I immediately identified Randolph was at least a foot taller and far more muscular than me. Based on Randolph's size and presence, I was concerned he could over power me should an altercation ensure." After two steps the officer yelled "Stop" and Randolph stopped.

Under the bed Randolph allegedly had an assault rifle and a Desert Eagle pistol. No one could identify who the attackers were, and no one would say pretty much anything so no one was charged. Randolph then put his mansion on the market and got the fuck out of dodge.

One of the "Hoops Family" members is a known Crips gang member set to go on trial for the shooting death of a bouncer on New Years 2011, while another is implicated in a large scale drug operation in Indiana. Randolph is also allegedly implicated as a major supplier in those court documents.

He later allegedly called the drug dealer and asked how much it would take for him to go away.


Update: This is my favorite transcript of the police documents:

Detective Copenhaver: What's an all-white party?

Mr. Beasley: Um, when people dress up in all white and -

Detective Copenhaver: Okay

Mr. Beasley: -- you know, they -- they show up

Detective Copenhaver: Okay

Mr. Beasley:  You know, people in all white.

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  1. Z Bo keepin it real! "When my sight was below his chest line, it was also below his waistline. He had a python and a rifle. So terrifying," said the cop.