Friday, March 9, 2012

Pierce Richardson TE Iowa State

Sophomore ISU Pierce Richardson put up zero stats last year after redshirting in 2010. So far his off the field play in 2012 has been far superior.

Police responded to a passed out male in the hallway of an apartment building early Saturday morning. There they found Richardson taking a nice little drunk nap. The officer shook him several times to wake him up and Richardson shoved the cop back and stood up despite being told to remain on the ground. The officer continued to tell Richardson to stay on the ground when he balled up his fists and took a step at the officer in an aggressive manner. Wrong move. The cop busted out his taser and dropped him like catching a pass over the middle. Richardson continued to resist arrest and it took several officers to get him into custody. Richardson registered a .169 BAC and was arrested for interference with official acts and public intoxication.

The day before former ISU defensive end Jacob Lattimer added the same charges plus an additional disorderly conduct after he was caught fighting with another man by police, took off running, and then they had to use pepper spray to make him comply once they caught up. He was also arrested in May of 2011.

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