Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Mike Neal DL Green Bay Packers

In 2010, it was reported that Green Bay Packers defensive end Mike Neal could bench press 510 pounds, squad 610 pounds and had a 385 pound clean. He came into high school weighing 170 pounds, and left weighing 245. He broke weight lifting records in Purdue, and that led to him getting drafted in the 2nd round, #56 overall by the Packers. Now, according to the NFL and there 4 game suspension, we may not know if it was natural -- or maybe he'll claim it was Adderal, it wasn't human urine, or that the Fed Ex guy kept it in his fridge over the weekend after failing the leagues performance enhancing drug policy.

Largely a bust since entering the league due to injuries, he'll now have to sit out the 4 games before playing this year unless the Packers think it isn't worth it to keep him around.

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