Friday, March 23, 2012

Matt Bush P Tampa Bay Rays

Tampa Bay Rays pitcherMatt Bush was a former #1 overall pick in the MLB draft back in 2004, and it hasn't played out exactly like you would expect. After his most recent arrest, he's lucky he isn't in jail for DUI - Manslaughter.

Bush struck the rear end of a motorcycle driven by a 72 year old on the interstate on Thursday afternoon around 5:00 P.M. He then fled down continuing down the interstate while the 72 year old had to get med-flighted to a trauma center. The report says that Bush's SUV literally ran over the head of the driver, and the helmet saved his life.

Bush was ultimately charged with fleeing the scene with serious injuries, driving with a suspended license with serious injuries, DUI with serious injuries, and DUI with property damage.

Depressing Update: His already depressing arrest got even more depressing. The victim, who was saved by wearing a helmet, is in serious condition in the hospital with broken bones in his back, ribs, wrist, and hemorrhaging of the brain.

Bush was apparently on his way home from shopping at the mall when he stopped and had a few drinks, and got drunk enough to blow a .180. He was so drunk that he didn't remember seeing a motorcycle -- let hitting one and running over the driver. Witnesses say that Bush didn't even his his breaks after hitting the motorcycle.

Police wrote that they could smell alcohol on Bush, as well as noticed his bloodshot, watery eyes which he still had in his mugshot. Bush first refused a blood test until hearing about the condition of the motorcyclist. Bush told police he had a serious alcohol problem and that he would be unable to play baseball. Police asked him if this was a wake up call, and he told them it wasn't since he had been in the situation before. Bush also mentioned that he had hit a pole earlier in the day as well.

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