Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Jourdon Grandon, Jared Tevis DB's - Fabbians Ebbele and Eric Bender OL's Arizona

The Arizona Wildcat defensive backs Jourdon Grandon and Jared Tevis, as well as offensive lineman Fabbians Ebbele (above) and Eric Bender were charged after a party went haywire early Friday morning. Theres a lot going on here, so hold on to your butts.

Police were responding to an assault call and when they arrived a white Lincoln was speeding away with several women chasing after the car. That's what I like to call a "Slow Tuesday." After questioning the residents they said that they were having a party and only one football player, Tevis, had been invited. He brought along 4 other football players though, who were asked to leave.

As you might guess, they didn't take that too well.

Former Arizona safety Joshua Robbins decided that at that point it was a good idea to shove one of the women. They woman decided it was a good idea to slap a former division one football player across the face. Robbins then decided it was a good idea to punch said girl in the face. As you can tell, a lot of good decisions were had this evening. This started a brawl between the football players and the party goers.

They left after the brawl, but said they'd be back with some "homies" - and that they did, with a group between 10 and 30. Fabbians Ebbele then forcibly entered the house -- and I quote -- "began punching everybody he could reach," then the rest of the Arizona football players came in and decided to clean house and assault everyone else. Later Jourdon Grandon was identified as a player who punched on female in the face, and then began punching a whole slew of other females in the face.

Police then stopped the vehicle and pulled out the four players, and one more - Justin Washington - but he wasn't charged with anything. The occupants of the vehicle stated that they had been called saying that they were jumped. Then they denied having gotten into a fight, but were present and saw a fight. They were released  - except for Robbins who was taken downtown for DUI.

In the end Grandon, Ebbele, and Bender were charged with first degree criminal trespassing, and assault. Tevis was charged with trespassing.

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