Monday, March 19, 2012

JJ Worton WR UCF

Some people just can't handle St. Patricks day. Most people can't handle St. Patricks day when it just so happens to fall on a Saturday. University of Central Florida wide receiver J.J. Worton falls in those categories.

Worton was attending a St. Patricks Day block party when police ordered him to leave the area. Worton refused those orders and cursed at the officer who was in uniform. Worton possibly was so drunk he thought it was Halloween. The officer put his hand on Worton's arm, and Worton drunkenly resisted and threw a punch at the officer, but missed him. At this point he probably should have chalked the day up in the L column, but instead he took off running from the police.

Police found him hiding underneath a parked vehicle in a parking lot, and when ordered out he agreed to get out from under the vehicle. However - when they tried to handcuff him, he began resisting arrest again. The officer grabbed Worton by the waist, and Worton punched the officer in the face. The officers in the end had to pepper spray him to subdue him.

Worton is in line to start for the Knights this year, but after going overboard pretending to be Irish, he may find himself sitting out a bit. He was charged with felony resisting arrest with violence, and felony battery of an officer.

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