Monday, March 19, 2012

Jarriel King OT Seattle Seahawks

The New York Giants signed offensive tackle Jarriel King after going undrafted out of South Carolina last year, he was released and picked up by the Seattle Seahawks later. He played in one game for them, and that was likely his last in the league. 

King was allegedly with another male and a female at his home drinking Ciroc and smoking weed before heading out to a night club. After the club, they came back and A-Barred drinking more and smoking more weed. The female allegedly felt dizzy and light headed and went to go lay in a bed. That's when King and the other male allegedly went and started touching her and tried to take off her pants. She states that she tried to stand up and stop them but she was unable to stand or walk due to being "highly intoxicated." She fell on the bed and then King and the male allegedly removed all of her clothes and sexually assaulted her, during which she told them to stop throughout the ordeal. She then passed out after the assault, and woke up in the morning and got a ride home from one of her assailants. 

King was quickly released minutes after the news of the alleged assault came out. 

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