Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Jared Allen DE Minnesota Vikings

Jared Allen is really good at football. Jared Allen is also very good at the lost art of growing mullets. People forget that he was once also very good at getting DUI's. He had one in college, and collected two in the span of 5 months while with the Kansas City Chiefs before they traded him to the Vikings.

The four time Pro Bowler has led the NFL in sacks twice in his career, and just last season almost broke the league record accumulating 22. Had he just had Favre on the other end to take a knee he would be in the record books.

Allen has been quoted as saying this about his rookie season; "I was single, and wanted to meet chicks, Where do you go for that? The bars. I eventually became known for being the crazy party guy. And I started believing that image."

Now I see nothing wrong with that, in fact I would take that as a compliment. Allen on the other hand, quit drinking after his last arrest, which was in 2007. Luckily for me, the internet was around in 2007 so here he is partying and getting ultra sweaty with his undershirt on backwards.

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