Monday, March 12, 2012

Jace Amaro TE, Kenny Williams RB Texas Tech

Jace Amaro and Kenny Williams got to the bar and decided to have themselves a pretty expensive night with huge tips. Problem was -- the credit card wasn't theirs, and it led to them getting arrested.

Employees of the bar, the Firehouse Grill & Bar, became suspicious when Amaro and Williams offered them "big tips" while using a credit card that didn't match their names. They purchased several rounds of drinks before the gig was up when bartenders became suspicious around bar time and called the police. Allegedly, both were wearing Texas Tech football apparel and kept reminding the bartenders that they played football.

Both players were arrested on felony credit car abuse charges, and Amaro was also charged with misrepresentation of age. Both players are 19 years old.

Both Williams and Amaro enjoyed successful freshman years and were practicing with the first team this spring.


  1. It was amaro who was charged for misrepresentation of age. Williams also used his own credit card. Get your facts straight.