Friday, March 9, 2012

DJ Williams LB, Virgil Green TE, Ryan McBean DL Denver Broncos

If Peyton Manning heads to Denver because of their stellar defense, he might have to worry about a couple of them sitting out, as well as a young tight end.

Linebacker DJ Williams (above), tight end Virgil Green, and defensive lineman Ryan McBean were all suspended today by the NFL allegedly for violating the leagues substance abuse police. Sources say McBean's and Williams' suspensions are the result of failed steroids tests.

Unless, of course, you listen to what DJ Williams has to say. Apparently they found no drugs, no steroids, no caffeine, not even a drop of heroin in his urine. He's taking the Ryan Braun route to clearing his name, that it was the collectors fault. Apparently the test collector had been fired after compromising a number of players specimens (apparently his fantasy team needed some serious help) and the NFL ignored the compromised specimens. Apparently the urine that had "D.J. Williams" on it? Wasn't even human.

Tim Tebow has gone from turning water to wine, to turning human urine to animal urine. What can't he do?!

Update: DJ Williams is apparently a fan of Instagram. And biting off girls thongs in the club.

DJ Williams has also been arrested for DUI twice since coming into the league. Now he's becoming a Shot of Ginn Hall of Famer with his third post on Shot of Ginn. Here was his other one.

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