Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Darion Howard TE UNI

Darion Howard plays for the tight end for the University of Northern Iowa, who plays in Division 1AA. Last year the redshirt junior scored 2 touchdowns for them. This offseason though, he has one very unfortunate DUI.

Howard clearly forgot to tell the people he was driving to keep it cool and act sober while he drove them home. Instead of putting on there seatbelts and being thankful for the ride, they decided to lean out the window and flip off some cars, and to make matters worse, they flipped off a cop car. Police then decided to follow the car, and pulled them over. Howard had a BAC over the legal limit and he was arrested for first offense operating while intoxicated.


  1. he never got pulled overr ...get ya facts straight before ya talk ishh (:

  2. I stand corrected. That is however the least of his worries.