Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Brandon Marshall WR Chicago Bears

When I first heard that the Chicago Bears acquired wide receiver Brandon Marshall from the Miami Dolphins for just two third round picks, I was dumbfounded. They got a receiver who is just 27 years old who has had 1,000 yards for 5 consecutive seasons for change. I mean, shit. There is no guarantee they'll even get a serviceable player at that pick in the third round this year, let alone a perennial pro bowler. A lot of people thought that the cause of the trade was to meet Peyton Manning's demands, who didn't want to work with him. That however left the Dolphins with no receivers returning who had over 50 catches, and their top receiver was undrafted. Then of course, we found out why they stole him. It's because he's back in trouble.

Marshall has had multiple instances of abuse against women, or women abusing him. Just last offseason he was stabbed by his wife, and later diagnosed with borderline personality disorder. Couple that with his DUI in Denver, along with the fact he may have been the target of the gunman who killed Darrent Williams, and you got yourself a crazy talent who is a major headcase. So of course it's no surprise that he may end up on the wrong side of the law following the most recent club incident.

Marshall was allegedly at a club when he allegedly struck a female in the face when a fight occurred at the club that he and another unnamed athlete was at. They say that it may have been intended for a different person. However, like any douchey lawyer you ask, Brandon Marshall's side of the story was much different.

According to his lawyer his wife was struck in the face with a bottle while in the club and he was trying to get her to the hospital. He had nothing to do with it at all. Nothing. The fight just happened. to follow him, in the club and outside the club.


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