Monday, March 5, 2012

Alex White P Colorado Rockies

Every since the Rockies acquired pitcher Alex White he has been a "Choir boy" according to manager Dan O'Dowd, well at least up until his DUI arrest this weekend.

White claims that he had "2 drinks" at a social gathering before driving home Saturday night. He was then pulled over by the Scottsdale police who say he failed a breathalyzer and field sobriety tests -- but wouldn't inform White of what his BAC was, other than it was over .08. He was arrested at 9:15 PM and released shortly before 11. Details aren't going to come out regarding the arrest until this week at some point in time.

White has since apologized to, well, just about everybody about the arrest. In a statement he said:

"It's very unfortunate and I'm completely embarrassed, It was very stupid and I let down a lot of people, most importantly my family, this organization and the fans. That's not the type of person I am."

Already Updating: Looks like Alex White's BAC was .174, meaning he could be charged with EXTREME! DUI. It also means that one single drink puts him over the legal limit to drive, or so he says. I think he might be lying about that. Maybe it was his first time drinking though, and then that would be unfortunate because it would also be his first time drinking and driving and he got busted. In Arizona EXTREME! DUI is when you have a BAC over .15, plus you must not be wearing a seat belt because that's fucking extreme.

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