Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Will Pericak OL Colorado

Colorado starting offensive lineman / pyro Will Pericak got into some trouble after a bar incident early Sunday morning in which he decided to play with fire.

Bartenders say Pericak lit a metal bucket on fire in the bar which contained paper and trash. They were able to put the fire out with no damage done to the bar, but it was clear that Pericak had had too much to drink. The bartenders attempted to kick him out, but he became aggressive and swore at bartenders and bumped chest with one trying to get him out. He fled once the bartenders had told him that the police were on the way, but bartenders followed him until the police came.

Police stated the "heavily intoxicated" Pericak denied ever being at the bar, but then changed his story saying, "Listen, I had some beers and caused some trouble, but I haven't done anything illegal... I left the bar."

He was arrested and charged with trespassing and suspicion of physical harassment.

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